“Toy Room” is the hottest private club du jour of Mykonos ATHENS London Rome Dubai São Paulo Delhi

The quintessential Mykonos experience

Since its opening in September 2014, has been frequented by celebrities and socialites alike, literally becoming the talk of the town.

Styled like the most luxurious of living rooms
with one off designed furniture as well as specially commissioned artworks by Philippe Cardinal, combines elite yet cozy surroundings with pioneering sound and lighting.

Located at the heart of idyllic Little Venice

- the most photogenic spot of cosmopolitan Mykonos -



Be prepared for days and nights filled with glamour, decadence and fun, in true Mykonos style.​


Whether dancing on the dance floor-or on the tables- or enjoying a concoction prepared by some of the top mixologists in town, Toy Room’s guests feel as part of an exclusive, blessed family while partying their nights away.

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